A Faith InterruptedAn Honest Conversation with Alienated Catholics

(Chicago, IL: Loyola Press, 2004)

Left the church? Thinking about it? Coming back to church and sorting out why? Entering into this "conversation" with Alice Camille and Joel Schorn might help. The book's working title was "Catholics in Outer Space," but the publisher showed no guts. If you're in orbit around the church you used to call home, or just feel that way sometimes, join the conversation.

175 pages
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An excellent guidebook that asks—and answers—the right questions.Linus Mundy, publisher of Abbey Press CareNotes

Book Excerpt

There are a million reasons why people leave the church—or, more accurately, seventeen million reasons in this country alone, one for each person who currently relates to the term ex, lapsed, former, non-practicing, retired, or, the hippest phrase, recovering Catholic.


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