Animals of the Bible from A to Z

(Chicago, IL: ACTA Publications, 2007)

The problem with children's books on religious themes is that they often feel like homework! Not this one. Children will love the book for the fabulous illustrations. Parents will be delighted by the chance to get in some "sneaky catechesis" on matters of faith. Parents and children have an opportunity to learn together by exploring familiar Bible stories as well as some lesser-known and surprising ones. Includes "Pages for Grownups" for easy identification of the Bible stories and suggestions for teaching valuable lessons. A delightful gift for children and a wonderful meditation for anyone who loves Bible stories, animals, and learning.

30 pages
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All this and lesson plans too! The 26 two-page spreads, with single-sentence text on one side and gorgeous, expressive illustrations on the other, make this a top-notch picture book for children ages 2 to 8. The seven "pages for grownups" at the end, with a compact lesson for each animal story, are more than icing on the cake. Carol Blanks, WritingWorks, December 2007
A fun and adventurous book to read aloud to young people and help them learn their ABC's. The Midwest Book Review/Children's Bookwatch, November 2007

Book Excerpt

F is for the fish that broke the nets, there were so many.

G is for the goat that takes the whole town's blame away.

H is for the horses that obey the Lord alone.

I is for the insects that will eat when God says, "Eat!"


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