God's Word Is AliveReflections on the lectionary readings for Sundays and holy days, with a guide to the liturgical feasts through 2023

(Chicago, IL: ACTA Publications, 2007)

Looking for Sunday Scripture reflections that encompass all three weekly readings, the full liturgical cycle A through C, including holy days? Look no further. This collection of highly readable meditations was originally printed in the series, "Exploring the Sunday Readings." RCIA gatherings, preachers and lectors, Bible study groups, and individuals alike will appreciate the personal, practical approach to the lectionary. With questions and action responses for each day's readings.

398 pages
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If anyone in the parish is hungering for deeper bible study, Alice Camille might just be their guide. Crux of the News, November 2007
Alice Camille, author, retreat leader, and Bible study facilitator, has produced an imminently useful resource for those wishing to deepen their understanding of Scripture. Reading the Bible is not about learning history, she tells us, but about "finding our place in the story." Her reflections, questions, and suggested actions to accompany the lectionary readings will help us to do that. Carol Blank, WritingWorks, October 2007

Book Excerpt

Jesus says we love the darkness, and it's true. There are certain rooms in my life not even wired for electricity. Oh, I don't mind highlighting my religious involvements. I keep my finances pretty clean. My relationships with family and friends? Well, some can bear a lamplight, others a flashlight. And then, of course, there's the place where I keep my skeletons. But it's too dark in there—let's move on.


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