Handbook for Lectors: Reflections, Prayers and Practices for Your Journey in Ministry

(New London, CT: Bayard/Twenty Third Publications, 2020)

So you're thinking about being a lector! Or you've been one for a while and would like to reflect on the meaning of your ministry to the community of faith. Includes essays on the power of words, the tradition of Scripture, and performance hints, as well as questions and ways to respond.

32 pages
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Lectoring is special! I feel good when I talk loud and clear. I think it is important.First-grade lector Mary Reilly
Hopefully, everyone is listening. Megan Reilly, high school lector and older sister

Book Excerpt

I get shy. I get scared. Sometimes I hear my voice cracking. Then I have to remind myself: it's okay, it's not about me. It's about the word.


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