Hidden PresenceTwelve Blessings That Transformed Grief or Loss

(Chicago, IL: ACTA Publications, 2003)

A hardbound gift-book quality collection of twelve true stories of grief and loss by authors Alice Camille, Vinita Hampton Wright, Joyce Rupp, Patrick Hannon, Michael Leach and others.

175 pages
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All of us, in various ways, find our spirituality tested, stretched, disrupted, erupted by loss. [This book] gives us the gentle hearts and stories of some of today's real prophets in the church (with words of great comfort also for those outside the church.) They are stories. They are hope. I needed to read this book and so do you! Resources Hotline, World Pastoral Care Center

Book Excerpt

I found failure unacceptable. I found anything less than total approval unbearable. Whether the issue was work or relationships or personal discipline, I had structured my interior world around always getting an A. But after college, a perfect grade was harder to come by.


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