Listening to God's Word

(Maryknoll, NY: Orbis Books, 2009)

How would you tell a story as big as the Bible? This book charts a course through five big ideas in Scripture: God, World, Story, Crisis, and Time. As it says in the Introduction:

Short books about big ideas run the risk of being simplistic. But large books risk being confusing, if not incomprehensible--or worse, unread. So best to write short books with big dreams, then. The only book worth writing is the one that will be read.

Those coming to the Bible for the first time, as well as those looking for a new method of listening to the ancient story, will find this an accessible and engaging overview of some of Scriptures' great themes.

126 pages
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There is a danger in trying to summarize what "the Bible" tells me so. But Alice Camille’s invitation to read the Bible avoids the pitfalls of biblical hopscotch and instead leads us into an exploration of five central biblical themes—God, world, story, crisis, and time.

As U.S. Catholic readers know, Camille has a knack for making biblical stories come alive by combining a solid grasp of biblical scholarship with fresh insights into the meaning of biblical stories and profound spiritual reflections from her own life. Answering her invitation may lead you too into "radical astonishment" and from there into life-changing action.

Meinrad Scherer-Emunds, Executive Editor, U.S. Catholic

Book Excerpt

God is just about the biggest subject there is. Talking about an Infinite Being could take a while. After twenty-five years of "teaching God" as a religious educator, it’s apparent to me that the more we say, the more glaring are the gaps in what remains unsaid. Simplicity helps, and stories work best. The writers of the Bible understood this.


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