Seven Last WordsLenten Reflections for Today's Believers

(Chicago, IL: ACTA Publications, 1998)

The last words of a dying person hold special meaning to those left behind. The "last will and testament" of Jesus is contained in the seven sayings he uttered from the cross. Includes meditations on humility, the Kingdom, discipleship, suffering, thirst, the cross, and surrender. A small book that offers the punch of a personal retreat.

93 pages
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Reading Seven Last Words felt like listening to seven homilies, rhythmic, lyrical, comforting, encouraging. Woven in among the words is a feeling of warm exhortation, something that induces a desire to turn to God--which is what good preaching does.Mary Vineyard, National Catholic Reporter

Book Excerpt

One holy person is worth all the sermons on holiness we might ever hear. If you have the courage to be that person, the Kingdom comes wherever you are.


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