The Forgiveness BookA Catholic Approach

(Chicago, IL: ACTA Publications, 2008)

This is a little book with one big idea: that a single word lies at the heart of Christianity, and that's forgiveness. If we get forgiveness right, we get everything right according to the gospels. This is a how-to book for those wrestling with the challenge of forgiving or being forgiven.

110 pages
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I'm coming to the end of The Forgiveness Book. It is a masterpiece! It should be required reading for any seminary course on the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Rev. Thomas Langan, Abbottstown, PA

I have never found a more theologically sound, yet accessible treatment of forgiveness. Anyone from any Christian background will benefit tremendously from reading The Forgiveness Book and applying its lessons to his or her life. Though the book is written from a Roman Catholic perspective, it is catholic (universal) in its application.

My colleague at the local Methodist church and I have co-taught a class on forgiveness this Lent. It has caused the members of our class to reflect deeply on their lives and has helped them identify areas where they need to incorporate the principles of forgiveness more fully. One of the Methodist members of the class said last night, "I love the practical approach to this book! I have taken classes on forgiveness before, but I've never made progress learning to forgive, because I didn't know HOW to go about it. This book has already made a difference in my life."

Darrell McGowan, Senior Pastor, Fullerton First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Fullerton, CA

Book Excerpt

Forgiveness is not just a thing nice people do. It’s not a tactic we might consider for personal self-improvement or to tidy up our spiritual lives. As the world we live in spirals toward greater feats of injustice, greed, violence, and bigotry, the reasons to forgive mount astronomically. The cost of unforgiveness, too, becomes ever more apparent. Forgiveness reveals itself to be not just one possible option for the future but the only viable chance we’ve got to have a future.


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