The RosaryMysteries of Joy, Light, Sorrow, and Glory

(Chicago, IL: ACTA Publications, 2003)

When the late Pope John Paul II introduced five new mysteries of the rosary in 2002, it was an invitation to reconsider the old prayer tool in a new light. These twenty thoughtful meditations are for those who have never picked up a rosary, as well as folks who wouldn't leave home without one. Including a history of the evolution of the rosary and its potential in a new revolution of peace.

110 pages
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[This book] is a guide to the rosary rooted in the ordinary. It is a simple text, and profound in that simplicity, illustrating that the rosary is a prayer for every Catholic: a way to "hold in our hands all that we believe," as expressed by Cardinal John Henry Newman.St. Anthony Messenger

Book Excerpt

From The Finding of Jesus in the Temple: "Who among us has not lost Jesus from time to time amid the ebb and flow of our lives? Who has not moved away from where he sits, at the center of teaching and tradition, and gone another way?"


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