July 18-24, 2021

The Bible illuminated at sunset

Shiny Bits of Scripture Sisters Retreat

Many Catholics encounter Bible stories primarily at Sunday Mass. A lot of Scripture gets overlooked that doesn’t get a hearing in our ritual space. These ten reflective presentations are an attempt to “gather up the fragments” of our sacred stories, that “nothing may be wasted.” We’ll be on the trail of the shiny bits of Scripture that often get left behind in the story of faith.

On this virtual retreat with Zoom discussions, we’ll reflect on how we meet—or fail to meet—biblical stories and characters through the lectionary. We’ll do thematic considerations of how the Bible treats the matter of law; our cultural obsession with appearances; the holiness of trees; the radical importance of children; and the disruptive nature of women. These are the things they never tell us at Mass! You may never hear our sacred stories the same way again.

Adorers of the Blood of Christ
Ruma Center
2 Pioneer Lane
Red Bud, IL   62278

For more information on this event, please call Sister Helen Moore at (618) 282-6229.


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