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June 12-20, 2020

Christ the Servant Lutheran Church

Stories That Could Be True A Private Retreat for the Church Council

Due to the extraordinary times we’re living through, this retreat on gratitude is being offered as a virtual event. It’s about poets and lepers and mystics and other essential workers in the story of faith. It’s about you and me, about health and anxiety and unwelcome surprises. It’s about poet William Stafford and mystic Thomas Merton and my mother and your family. It’s about rediscovering how words and solitude come together to teach us something we already know about what it means to be human.

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The five 45-minute pre-recorded sessions include reflections on:

  • Poetry 101
  • Gratitude 101
  • Poetry Is an Inside Job
  • Gratitude When Life Hurts
  • Solitude and Gratitude

With Zoom sessions for sharing and discussion with the retreat leader.

This is a private retreat for the church council.

Christ the Servant Lutheran Church
9801 Centerway Road
Montgomery Village, MD   20886


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