February 17, 2022

Outer space

To Boldly Go: Star Trek as a Metaphor of Hope A Conversation with Alice Camille and Carl McColeman

Star Trek isn’t especially religious. And it isn’t a religion (although the Bible HAS been translated into Klingon.) Yet for 55 years—and across multiple serials spanning more than 800 episodes (and —the Star Trek multiverse has held the attention of multitudes. Some folks say they found it comforting to tune into Star Trek during the pandemic. Is it because Star Trek offers a vision of a hopeful future, to a world that seems often short on optimism?

Whether your loyalty lies with Captain Kirk or Picard, Sisko or Janeway, Archer or Bernham, feel free to join the conversation. If your proficiency in Trek-Speak is limited to picking Spock out of a lineup, please join us anyway. If only to understand what all the fuss is about for the last half-century and more.

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A virtual event held courtesy of The Oratory at Rock Hill
Rock Hill, SC


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