September 8-17, 2020

The holy land

Holy Land Retreat with Alice Camille

Enjoy eight days of serenity and reflection in the land where our faith became flesh and moved among us.

We'll visit Bethlehem, Nazareth, Jerusalem and many other biblical places associated with the stories of our faith. Each day we'll have the opportunity for Mass at a holy site with our pilgrimage chaplain, Fr. Paul Boudreau. Evening discussions on what we saw that day and will see the next deepen the experience. This tour is intended for those who want to take their faith in their hands sacramentally and appreciate more fully the meaning of the Incarnation.


As of April, we’re still hoping and planning on taking our pilgrim retreat this September. Please read the Pilgrim Letters below for reflections on pilgrimage and updates on the status of our retreat as the present international situation evolves.

Pilgrim Letter #1

Pilgrim Letter #2

Pilgrim Letter #3


Canterbury Pilgrimages

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