July 19-26, 2020

The Holy Mirror

Sisters Retreat The Holy Mirror: Discovering Ourselves Through the Lens of Scripture

  • Your Personal Life as Revelatory Source
  • The Character of God
  • The Male/Female Thing
  • Follow the Leader!
  • The Guiding Light
  • You've Got a Friend
  • Who's Your Devil?
  • What a Wonderful World
  • And the Purpose of It All Is

Throughout our lives, certain archetypes shape our sense of self, the world, the road we're on, and the goals we seek. Our idea of good and evil, male and female, leaders, mentors, friends, and more are also framed in the stories of the Bible. The picture isn't always pleasant, but it never fails to be instructive, and is sometimes downright revelatory. Mirror, mirror on the wall, what's the purpose of us all?

Adorers of the Blood of Christ
ASC Wichita Center
Wichita, KS


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